Art Conservation & Technical Services


Excerpts from reports of these past projects are available as examples of our work. Additional treatment, collections and research projects are available to demonstrate expertise. References are available upon request.

Conservation treatment- "Venus" from Meroe

A unique excavated stone sculpture from the ancient Roman city of Meroe in Sudan, underwent extensive treatment, to remove all repairs and coatings and stabilize the deteriorated sandstone structure for future display. Documentation recorded all past interventions. Cleaning revealed original details of polychromy and a form which was previously obscured by extensive restorations.

Project management- The conservation and move of the MMA's Ciborium

A medieval altar canopy, standing 18 feet high, comprised of more than 100 stone elements, was moved from the Cloisters Museum and Gardens to the main building of the MMA on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Sari managed the logistics and team of conservators, art handlers, mountmakers and riggers in the complex process.

Collections management -Stabilization, documentation

and rehousing of excavated finds in the NAARCH lab of

AMNH. Installation of dataloggers and environmental

assessment and monitoring of artifact storage. 


Exhibition support  Condition assessments,

mount design, installation, packing and courier

instructions and services have been completed for

hundreds of objects from various collections.


  • Many contributions were made by Sari to technical notes in:       L. Castelnuovo-Tedesco and J. Soultanian, Italian Medieval Sculpture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Cloisters, (MMA, 2010.)  
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