S provides cor
conservation services such as condition assessments and treatments of your individual treasures, collections and potential purchases. We have expertise in organic and inorganic materials such as ceramic, stone, metals, wood, natural fibers, leather, glass and plastics. We are happy to examine your object and provide an estimate. We can travel on-site anywhere in the world to assist you with traveling exhibitions or site conservation. No project or treatment is too small or too big.

We also manage and implement collections management projects, including: 
  • documentation
  • collection assessments for long term planning or grant proposals
  • storage projects, including needs assessment, environmental monitoring, planning, and rehousing
  • exhibition support including environmental monitoring, mount design and installation
  • and collection moves, including packing, transport and courier services. 

Likewise, we welcome the opportunity to support your development of:
  • grant proposals
  • baseline documentation for effective digital archives or databases
  • outreach initiatives, and
  • educational programs that involve your collections and/or Conservation 
Art Conservation & Technical Services


Sari K. Uricheck is the founder and primary objects conservator at ACANTHUS. She specializes in the conservation of sculpture, particularly stone, polychrome wood, terracotta, plaster and bronze. Her experience also includes working on ethnographic, archaeological, natural history, decorative arts, contemporary sculpture and installations of mixed media and modern materials. She has worked in the United States and abroad for more than a dozen years, in small and large private and public institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cleveland Museum of Art and The American Museum of Natural History. Sari completed an MA in the History of Art and a Certificate in Art Conservation from New York University's Institute of Fine Arts after receiving a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. She is a Professional Associate of the American Institute for Conservation.

Additional experts in objects, textiles, paintings, paper and furniture conservation, mount making, framing and high quality digital printing, collaborate as needed. Please contact us for more information on staff who can assist you.